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What happened to Freddie Gray? Former cops and arrestees shed light on the question tearing Baltimore apart

Source: The Paper

Michael A. Wood, who is white and retired from the Baltimore Police as a sergeant in 2014, wrote an email. “I know you have heard stories in the past of things like brake checks, drop offs, bumpy roads, et cetera, so you know that has occurred,” he writes. “Nothing can realistically change the possibility of someone exhibiting the callous behavior of using that vehicle as a weapon against the helpless or to stomp a boot into the neck of someone who flees.”

Rough rides are a long tradition in Baltimore. In 1992 Kenneth B. Mumaw, a white man then in his 60s, was falsely arrested and banged up in the transport van. The arrest and rough ride were in retaliation. He sued and won a $100,000 settlement.



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