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An interview with the Baltimore cop who’s revealing all the horrible things he saw on the job

Source: The Washington Post

On Wednesday, a former Baltimore Police Department officer named Michael Wood caused a stir online when he began tweeting some of the horrible things he claims to have seen during his 11 years on the job. I spoke with Wood Wednesday afternoon for a phone interview. Here’s a transcript, interspersed with some of Wood’s tweets.

Balko: So how long were you a cop in Baltimore? When and why did you leave?

Wood: Eleven years. I joined in 2003. I was a sergeant when I retired. I started by walking the Western District on foot. That’s where Freddie Gray was killed. That was my first beat. I also worked in the Southern and Northern districts for a while. Then I was promoted to the Violent Crime Division. I did street work with a narcotics division for six months. Then I was promoted to Major Crimes. I left in January 2014 due to a shoulder injury. I wish I could say my injury came with an interesting story, but it’s pretty boring.


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