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Former Baltimore Police [Sergeant] Michael Wood Jr. Discusses Police Culture, Prospects for Reform

“On August 3, I conducted a phone interview with former Baltimore Police [Sergeant] Michael Wood (not pictured above, but still, motorcycles), who entered the national conversation about policing this past June with a series of tweets documenting the problematic and abusive practices he witnessed while a Baltimore police officer. Our discussion touched on a variety of issues including police culture, training, the prospects for reform and who should have a seat at the table in that discussion.” – Roberto Alejandro

Visit the website to play the interview, but also just visit his website, the work is very good and helps move the discussion forward honestly. This conversation is very laid back and it like having a normal conversation with me. If you want to hear me be 100% professional, this one isn’t for you, but really if you want someone 100% profession, I’m probably not your guy anyway.

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