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Michael A. Wood Jr’s appearance on VICE’s documentary ‘Fixing The System’

VICE’s documentary, Fixing the System, investigates America’s broken criminal justice system.

Fixing The System is a powerful Shane Smith documentary that digs deep into America’s incarceration problem… The following video contains the full Michael A Wood Jr interview segment from the film.

The documentary debuted on Sunday, Sep, 27, 2015,  on HBO and is available to US viewers to stream online for free until Oct 12. *For non-US viewers, you can watch the full documentary here.

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  • Elizabeth Wiley Aug 7,2016 at 3:13 pm

    I am grateful you are doing this work. One of my sisters was an Administrative Captain of the Los Angeles Sheriff and one of my best friends son was a Deputy in the Sheriff……….he was murdered by a gang member…….who came to his house, brought there by another Sheriff who had once been married to the gang member and had two children with him, her Dad just happened to be the homicide detective on the case……..he was clearing out his house, to go to a safe house the night he was murdered……………..the case was very strange. And of course LAPD. Because I am old, I think the problem was the massive secret police effort all over the country during the Vietnam era……that may seem very conspiracy theory, but I was a police dispatcher at that time and there were police that could listen on our lines, we could not listen on ours. One night we had a report of a burglar in the bushes and sent out a couple of units, a voice came on our radio and rudely and cursed at us, and told us to get out of there, we were harming their stake out. Whose stakeout, none of our officers had a stake out, and all State and Federal police notified us if they had stake outs so we would NOT interfere…………..another time a house was on fire, in the daytime. the owner was notified, his neighbor called him at work, the fire department on the scene was not ours…… those old days fire, police went from the same dispatch center………….and the man came in to complain….while smoke billowed out of one side of his house, he found the “firemen” going through his filing cabinets on the other side of the house………………he worked at JPL and was an anti war person in an administrative position………it was very strange…..but of course, as a dispatcher, we heard nothing more. I do know that when Gates “by accident” shredded all those records, the whole policing in Los Angeles changed, it was very violent and just a few years ago was supposed to change to community policing. I volunteered int he citizens / police meditation program from Western Justice Center………which was successful and everyone loved it. Then, as other citizen based programs for juveniles and first time offenders, the program just ended. I think it is a lot more than just getting police and citizens to work together and become ONE united front for better communities……………..but have worked in some great programs that were very successful. As long as they were allowed to keep going.