Roulette has always been a favorite in almost every casino across the world. When online casinos became popular, it isn’t surprising to see the game being well-received among online gamblers too. In fact, it is one of the most played games in virtual casinos today. 

A lot of people seem to love the ease in which the game is played. It is fun and the supposedly random ways that numbers are generated to determine a win or a loss makes it even more exciting. Besides, unlike most card games that require techniques or sophisticated strategies, roulette depends considerably on a player’s luck.

However, there is a difference between online casino and real-life casino roulette that might just help any budding player to gain some advantage when playing.

While the game is supposedly random when played in real life, the same isn’t true when it is played in a virtual setting. Exposing this flaw can be the key to you winning more. Online casino roulette is different than real-life ones simply because there isn’t an actual wheel that is involved when you play it in virtual settings.

In place of an actual wheel is a computer program that supposedly dishes out random hits when in play. It’s the job of the program to instruct the computer about the manner in which it dishes out random results.

While it will attempt to make everything as random as possible, there is always going to be a pattern in which the results are generated. So, it is not as random as many players are led to believe. It is in this particular setup that online casino roulette may be exploited so the results will generally favor you.

Playing roulette in a real-life casino means that the outcome will be affected by several physical factors that any computer program will just not be able to replicate. Among these include:

  • The spinning speed of the wheel
  • The ball speed
  • The amount of space that the ball has to travel and spin
  • The specific spot that the wheel starts from before it is spun
  • The dropping angle of the ball

On top of that, various circumstances can affect the output the moment that the wheel is spun. It’s all these factors combined that makes it hard to relocate the total randomness of a real-life roulette game into a virtual platform. Sure, there have been numerous advancements and enhancements to the technology over the years but it will always be a fact that real-life randomness will never be replicated.

If fair play is what you’re concerned about, you’ll find that online casinos are just as honest as any casino out thereā€”provided, of course, that you have signed up with a trustworthy website. However, it is also important to note that games like roulette have always been designed to ensure that the house will have the upper hand.

So, while it probably is the easiest game to play, you’ll find that it is also one with the lowest odds of winning. Also, you might gain an upper hand in virtual roulette if you learn about the different patterns that the computer program uses when dishing out random results.

Remember to only splay roulette at reliable and trustworthy online casinos. Find one with an established track record so you know that if and when you do win while playing the game, you can trust that the virtual casino is honest enough to let you take your winnings home.