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Serial Dynasty #FreeAdnan Ep. 24: Interview with Michael A. Wood, Jr.

The soon to be Truth and Justice Podcast (but currently Serial Dynasty with Bob Ruff) interview.

In this episode, Bob interviews former Baltimore PD Detective, Michael A. Wood, Jr. Michael talks about the incentives that drive detectives to close cases, come Hell or high water. The episode also includes the reveal of new information, in the “Don investigation.”

Find Bob online and follow.

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Michael A. Wood Jr’s Interview w/ North Avenue Podcast

Michael sat down w/ the guys at North Avenue Podcast for a long conversation about current policing issues & solutions that need to be implemented…

Michael A. Wood Jr. is a LEAP speaker, Ph. D. candidate, retired Baltimore City police officer, and veteran of the US Marine Corps. He is a proponent of a new era of policing, and talks to us about his experiences while in the force, how he’s evolved, and what it takes to make actual change in the United States.  North Avenue Podcast

Listen to Full Interview

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Michael A. Wood Jr on CTB Podcast

On Aug 17, Michael A. Wood Jr made an appearance on Baltimore’s  CTB Podcast for a lengthy discussion on Baltimore politics & the Police issues that Michael first revealed on Twitter a few months ago…

Former BCPD officer turned Twitterebrity Michael Wood Jr. joins the show to tackle Baltimore’s latest issues with police misconduct, getting money out of politics and an end to America’s wholly failed War on Drugs™. We also played Would You Rather!



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First Edition with Sean Yoes

On August 8th, Sean Yoes (WEAA 88.9FM) spoke with AfroNews journalist Roberto Alejandro, about the interview that Roberto conducted with Michael Wood. Comes in about halfway through.

Hearing of the broadcast, Michael called in to participate.

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Former Baltimore Police [Sergeant] Michael Wood Jr. Discusses Police Culture, Prospects for Reform

“On August 3, I conducted a phone interview with former Baltimore Police [Sergeant] Michael Wood (not pictured above, but still, motorcycles), who entered the national conversation about policing this past June with a series of tweets documenting the problematic and abusive practices he witnessed while a Baltimore police officer. Our discussion touched on a variety of issues including police culture, training, the prospects for reform and who should have a seat at the table in that discussion.” – Roberto Alejandro

Visit the website to play the interview, but also just visit his website, the work is very good and helps move the discussion forward honestly. This conversation is very laid back and it like having a normal conversation with me. If you want to hear me be 100% professional, this one isn’t for you, but really if you want someone 100% profession, I’m probably not your guy anyway.

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Lions of Liberty Podcast Ep. 128: Michael A. Wood, Jr. – Former Baltimore Cop Exposes Police Brutality

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair is joined by former Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood, who recently made headlines for a series of tweets exposing instances of police brutality he witnessed during his 11 year with the Baltimore PD. Michael explains what drove his desire to become a police officer from a very young age, and how his view of the role of police was gradually altered during his time serving as a police officer on the streets of Baltimore. Marc and Michael discuss the case of Freddie Gray, the questionable circumstances surrounding his arrest, and why the abuse Gray likely received at the hands of police officers is so common. Michael describes the many instances of police brutality he witnessed as an officer, the inherent racism of policing in the United States, and how even minority officers so easily become a part of the problem. Michael touches on what he sees as the root of the problems with police brutality, and what he thinks can be done to see true reform and justice going forward.

Don’t miss this revealing episode, and stay tuned for Marc’s own thoughts in the wrap-up rant!






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