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Michael A. Wood Jr’s 2nd appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast

On June 13, 2016, Michael A. Wood Jr made his 2nd appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Days after the Orlando mass shooting, Joe & Michael begin their conversation by discussing what steps should be taken to curb the growing gun violence in America…

Other topics include: Prison Reform in America; the NRA & what the 2nd Amendment really means; Michael’s ‘best night as a cop’; Michael’s life-changing experiences working w/ Baltimore’s inner city social activists; Stefanie DeLuca’s ground-breaking study: ‘Why Do Some Poor Kids Thrive?‘; the continuing failure of The Drug War; and Michael’s involvement w/ Radio Revolver, a Baltimore-based, community-oriented podcast network that hopes to be an ‘umbrella for activists, educators, artists, youth, and more to have the resources to launch their message.’

Micheal will be hosting the flagship podcast, “Misconduct: The Death of Freddie Gray,” so please help support the initiative.


If you missed Michael A. Wood Jr’s original appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast please click here.

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